Thursday, July 30, 2009

I always wondered

why do companies make beach cruisers?
road bikes? got it.
mountain? got it.
bmx? yeah.
cross? makes sense.
soon as I got to Cape May, I realised where they all went.
to the beach.
After a couple days there,
I even started figuring out if I could fit one more bike on the rack.
Stupid-bike-addicted-me, I don't live near a beach.
No beach cruiser coming home.

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kale said...

It doesn't matter if you live near a beach - it's kinda like a bike-Cadillac, a rolling couch when you need to slow your roll. I had/have this 50's Huffy Silver Jet that I got as a fixer-upper, when I got it working well again I started commuting with it on nice sunny days (in Portland, there were a few). I did put a 46:16 ratio and lightweight MTB rims on it to keep up speed - and don't forget the basket that could hold 3 12packs easy.

They grow on you...