Wednesday, July 1, 2009

local shop support

I can't stress supporting your local shop enough.
For me this last week has revieled my total
lack of maintaince with my bike.

With my 'pinging' and loose spoke Spinergys
I stopped in for a true, I did all I could do,
and I ordered a set of Hudz - Paris Pink.
I stopped in a couple of days later
and $30 less, for two wheels trued
and a set of Hudz?
Now Hudz go for $40 -
so that was a deal. Thanks again!

Since I saved ALOT,
I decided to punish myself by getting some new pads.
The Kool Stops grip like nothing else,
but are a total pain to squeeze in,
meaning there's redoing the springs.
And I still can't toe them in correctly.

Now on the last ride out into the country,
I noticed a weird 'give' in what seemed to be
either the crank arms or bottom bracket,
but everything checked out ok.
I couldn't figure it out.
Then I thought,
maybe it's the hub

but, no!
a completely shot and semi blown apart chain!
there was no stretch indicated by the link gap.
You could bend that chain into a circle.
$21 for a Sram chain, instead of the Campy,
15 minutes for an instant install,
and I'm on my way to work, only 15 min. late.

Just ANOTHER reason to support your local shop!
The bike is now semi-running,
at least the shifts are crisp and quick,
funny how you forget about those things.
So it's just reinforcement that since I can't maintain
one bike properly, I probably shouldn't own several.

Now we're off to DC for the 4th of July,
a little biking and the usual touristy things.
I'll be out of internet through then,
but you can be sure of alot of randomness,
pictures, misadventures, and more randomness.

As I updated this, I just flatted past the White House,
down 16th. A couple wrong turns and I ended up on
The 4th of July Parade Route..... suck.

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