Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a financial interuption

or do you not care?

Matt Taibbi's latest article in Rolling Stone. But go to
felix blog or ZERO HEDGE where you can read the scanned
article, and more....


"I don't know if you will get or read my email, but there is absolutely no difference between the two political parties. If you google Obama's Deception you will find that both Bushes and Bill Clinton, as well as Obama were mere puppets of the corporate owners who belong to the Bilderberger Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission. These presidents past and present, on both sides of the aisle, belong to one, two or all three of these groups pushing America towards The New World Order. Obama is a member of the CFR. He met with them prior to his being elected, as did the other presidents. Neither party gives a damn about you or me.

Don't you remember George Bush pushing for the NAU (North American Union). Remember, he met with the premiere of Canada, and the president of Mexico...and they began to build a highway through the U.S. from Mexico to Canada. Only because activists, on both sides of the aisle, protested, did they stop. At least, temporarily. That agreement made without our knowledge or the consent of Congress is tabled somewhere in some damn Congressional committee. David Rockefeller, a leader of this evil illuminati recently came out and thanked the directors of the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and a few other treasonous rags....thanked them for not exposing their years of behind-the-scences machination toward a New World Order. Think of America as a fascist country, with no Constitution, freedoms, etc. under the direction of a handful of wealthy. In Rockefeller's memoirs, he mentioned on page 403 about the New World Order, and that he doesn't apologize to anyone. I guess wealthy people honestlly believe that they have a right to be evilly arrogant when talking about controlling other people's lives.

Finally, when you as a member of one useless political party rage against the other useless political party, you bring a thrill to the hearts of these evil people, because you are distracted from what is happening around you. What do you think the War on Terror is all about?

Stop wasting your time raging, get busy and do some homework."

"As someone who has been professionally involved in the wholesale energy market trade for 25 years I can attest to the accuracy of Taibbi’s claims. This manipulative crap that Goldman pulls time and time again is real, and more sinister each time it happens than the last. They’re getting better at it. For another recent example go look at what they did to SemCrude last year; driving the company into bankruptcy by squeezing them on a crude oil hedge that Goldman helped put them into. They played this tactic out with other clients too. As the article explains, this was the real reason behind the rapid spike in crude oil futures prices last summer. A side result of this massive market manipulation was that another $100 billion dollars also went from the pockets of American and European consumers into the pockets of OPEC oil producers, some of whom are our sworn enemies.

The most frustrating thing for me is why we only seem to have a choice between no commodity markets and an efficient market with Goldman running around in it like an unchecked band of pinstriped pirates. Why can’t we have an efficient market where the ones who operate and control it are prevented by real regulation from eventually destroying it for profit?

Rest assured, if this Cap and Trade market is allowed to evolve in the same fashion that other commodity markets have, every major company with a carbon footprint will eventually be threatened by Goldman’s controlling presence in that market. There will be cases, like there have been in the past, where a major power utility company is faced with this dilemma: either pay Goldman a fortune to unwind a carbon swap hedge (and possibly go bankrupt in the process) or shut down their operation and default on their delivery obligation to their customers. That should sound like a catastrophe to most people. To the Gold-man it’s a gold mine."

OK, I'm going back to reading. This is going back to the vacation.

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