Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wheel in the sky

yes, it keeps on turning,
but that's a not so clever lead in
for new wheels!

The Spinergys just don't like lugging me around,
and they tend to show their disproval by discarding spokes.

And the Mavics,
my budget winter wheels shod with Nokian studs,
well, they still refuse to let tires seat properly,
or according to my local shop,
I just need to take off my pink panties,
and learn to put tires on correctly.
I still think there's an 'issue' with the rims...

a while ago I realised,
I don't need multiple bikes, just one.
Otherwise I'll have multiple bikes needing repair(s).
So I'll just concentrate on maintaining one bike,
so the bike gets new wheels!

But which ones?
years ago when I played in the dirt,
I attended a DT wheel building clinic,
and built myself some White Industry/Mavics;
radial front, radial/3x rear,
and loved that LOUD ratcheting sound.

So some DT 240s',
also had to get it for Campy 9.
So off to the local shop to swap the record cassette.
Since I can only find Veloce 9 anymore.

another reason for supporting your local shop,
when shops are booked out on repairs for a week,
and you don't own that tool you need?
Just hop in back and do it yourself!

Yesterday was the easiest ride to work,
makes knobbies feel like running in sand.
Now I just need to clean this bike.

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