Thursday, July 16, 2009

who I am

"how did I get here?"
I used to do alot of things,
or 'be' alot of things in other people's eyes.
cars,motorcycles,tattoos,art,mountain bikes,
photography,ramp building,skateboarding,BMX,
cars,tattoos,racing cars,skateboarding,BMX,
road bikes,photography,cyclocross,art....

it's an evolution, or in my case
revolution, around and around.
'Jack of all trades,
master of none' - that's me.
and this is me:

Moab, 95' or 96' I belive.
after I quit my apprenticeship at the tattoo shop
and became a recluse for the summer.
Life was empty.
I had lost two friends within a couple of months,
my girlfriend at the time sucked. I think every
song ALL/DESCENDENTS ever sang was inspired by her.

I had my bikes, my tools, my CDs, a futon, and my job
at the bike shop - that's all I needed.
And a couple friends...

There's Marty,
who was a body piercer at the tattoo shop, who also loved bikes,
and is one of those genuine good guys. Like alot of people in
my life, people move, things change, people loose touch.
It happens to everyone.

This is about looking back to one person or situation,
and realizing that's where things changed direction in your life.

I was across the country, ten years later,
and back on a bike (again).
When Marty got hit, it shook me to the core.
That's when things changed.
I joined the local bike advocacy group.
Which led to Bike month.
That led to me submitting bike related artwork to a local gallery,
and opened my eyes to what my life was,
and what it could become.
The camera was back in my hands,
and the wheels underneath me.
But now my eyes were open.

Today I got a note on FB from Marty.
He's been riding three times a week.
Working back up to that level,
of someone who could do the Leadville 100.
That was the best thing I've heard.
From someone who was lucky to survive,
but to also regain....

He thanked me for sending him cheesy 80's bike movies
while he was recovering,
I thanked him for surviving,
and returning to the bike...

But really,
it should have been,
'thank you for inadvertantly changing MY life for the better'.

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m e l i g r o s a said...

wow, super cool <3 bikes change lives, unite people, aer the greatest machines ever.
nice shots!