Sunday, July 19, 2009

More DC photos? really?

if you ever want to find me,
just look behind you.
there's no particular reason,
that's just where I end up.

an odd one,
we had the same pace,
I turned onto a different street TWICE,
and still kept ending up behind him.
A nice older Lemond, and a funky style,
but no words were shared
maybe he was glad thelast time I turned?

a particular favorite,
Gunnar Rock Hound,
never see these,
maybe I'm partial to Gunnars?
with a reverse mullet combo on the tires,
meat up front and a slick in back...

morning couple along the water,
pre coffee ride, WTF?
I learn that the pre coffee ride greatly reduces
my overall coffee consumption,
I don't know how I feel about that?
but an evening ride MIGHT eliminate
my late night icecream consumption,
and that would be good.

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