Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sooooo Jersey (day 1)

I realise,
that as you get older, the more things need to be planned.
There's never that spontanous road trip.
There are timelines, and checkpoints.
Almost a 'productivity guage' for getting the 'most' out of a trip.
I admit I fall into that, until the other year.
When I learned that the trip IS the destination.
OH, it sounds so zen like,
But that was when I removed my computer off of the bike,
and learned to enjoy the ride itself.

I can thank my Uncle Bob for that one.
On a trip to Montreal,
he had two of the kids in his car,
(known as the car with no rules)
Part way there I watch Bob take a random exit off of the highway,
concerned, I called him.
He was bored with the view,
and was going to take whatever side roads.
He had no map, just an idea that if he went north,
he'ld hit the border, and find his way.

I recieved a couple of taunts,
that I couldn't possibly do the same.
(dare? that's the easiest way to get me to do something)
So I tried to beat Uncle Bob at his own game.
But since it's not a game, I lost.
He found a ferry to ride in Plattsburg,
and made it 'more' of an adventure.

But the lesson was learned.
So on this vacation, nothing was booked, there were no timelines,
just a general route:
through Jersey, ferry across Bay, drive across Delaware,
bridge over Bay, drive into DC, walk & bike around DC,
fireworks at the Mall, at some point leave back to Jersey,
stay in Cape May for a night, or two, or three, then go home.

I've never driven past Trenton,
and my expectations are pretty low,
the only thing I like about Jersey is CWMD.

And some stereotypes exist for a reason,
we now have the radio game in Jersey.
Start at the bottom,
hit search, and keep going.
Shit! Jersey falls into that 'state that is it's own country'
along with Texas - who has always thought that,
and Utah - who celebrates the day they bacame a state,
more than the 4th of July, which is kind of like a
middle finger to the other 49 states. Silly Utah.

Anyways the radio game started when 'Born in the USA' was playing,
and I said it'ld be awesome if they went right into an obnoxious
Bon Jovi song, and thirty seconds later I got 'Livin' on a Prayer'
thanks! I was only kidding. So hit 'Search', and three more stations
playing the Boss. Just can't get enough.

In a matter of hours we had it to Cape May.
We had an hour before the next ferry,
so why not take fully dressed kids to the beach?
They won't get wet, right?
Well, in ten minutes we had wet kids.
Clothes packed away, and wet kids headed back to the ferry.
Still not sure if we're getting a hotel in Delaware,
or driving straight through to DC.

And will I met up with Gwadzilla? Or at least spot him?

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gwadzilla said...

the jersey shore would be unlikely

but... stranger things have happened