Thursday, July 23, 2009

what happened to hardcore?

when I'm riding on a Friday or Saturday night,
I just assume there's gonna be an idiot run in.

Past a sports bar,
the 'GO LANCE!',
which, if you're kitted up and hamering away,
you might expect.
But I'm not in shorts and a jersey,
and not in any hurry.
But it wasn't a sports bar.

And it's summer,
so most of the Long Island kids,
who couldn't get into NYU,
and whos parents didn't want to be reminded of their errors,
they've gone back home.

So my surprise as I turn the corner to head home,
when I run right through a pack of rednecks,
out side of a hardcore show.

I'm confused.
when did kids at hardcore shows drive pickup trucks,
dress like lumberjacks,
and act like drunken rednecks?
I felt like I was wearing a tutu at a Marine boot camp.

the heckler got heckled, so I was caught off guard.

it's been a while since I've gone to a show.
but I know some some faces,
and great guys, that made great bands,
like Endicott.

and you grew up with shows,
that united,

ok, here's one more,
this has been stuck in my head so many times,
and a reason why I'll always buy a Rancid album,
no matter how average it ends up being.

so to sound like an old man complaining about the world,
what happened?

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100poundsago said...

Not sure how I even came across your a click there a clicj every where a click click...and here I am. Had fun reading through a lot of your posts and will be bookmarking this site to explore the rest of your stuff. Seems we have similar taste in music as well. Good stuff.